In Canada : Polish pastor ejects police disrupting Mass. In Canada a Polish pastor verbally ejects police after they allegedly disrupted Good Friday Mass & tried to shut down his church in Calgary Canada. ___________________________________________________________

In Ireland - Attending public Mass is a penal offence.

In the High Court on April 13 the State clarified that it is an offence to leave your home to attend public Mass, except in certain specified circumstances, i.e. weddings or funerals. Read more at The Irish Catholic.
Dublin Pastor arrested at Church

Dublin Ireland, a pastor was arrested at his Church on March 28 for alleged breach of Covid regulations.
Ireland Church Services & Lockdown.

The Irish government last month (26th March) refused to accept calls in Parliament (Dáil) from 4 independent TDs for places of worship in Ireland to be open for Easter. Independent TD for Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath pointed out that a Scottish court had recently ruled that the closure of churches was in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Irish Priest Fined for holding mass.

Police in County Cavan Ireland have fined a Catholic priest for celebrating public Masses. After Gardaí imposed a 500 Euro fine, Fr. P.J. Hughes, pastor of Mullahoran & Loughduff parish in County Cavan said he is ready to be jailed rather than cease public worship.
Ireland Lockdown
Ireland has been in "Lockdown " longer than most countries in the world, with Church services prohibited. A professor in law at Trinity College Dublin has recently said religious worship in public gatherings is NOT prohibited under any of the current lockdown restrictions, despite the widespread impression given by political leaders, Gardaí and church officials.

Fox News report on Pastor jailed for preaching
Canadian Pastor jailed for preaching sermon - watch the Tucker Carlson report from Fox News.

Ireland deaths in 2020 actually decreased by 247 (3.4%) compared to the same period in 2019, according to data at the Irish Central Statistics Office.
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